A Message to My Bipolar

Form: Quatrains

I accept you are always with me, my 'friend',
It's only Death who can make this all end.
The days you send my soul to living hell
It is me caught in the curse of your spell.
I see the battle rage in flames of hate
As life and Death mark their bids on the slate.
You think to die is to yield to defeat
Come now, 'friend', that is merely your conceit.
They all ask why it is I want to end,
They don't know you, this demon I call 'friend'.
How you rip in me leaving me shattered
The despair of living my soul, battered.
My spirit is strong you will never win
As even in Death I will turn and grin.
The Dark Angel holds me ready to fly
You lose 'friend' now I can reach for the sky


2 thoughts on “A Message to My Bipolar

    1. This piece was written when I was in rapid cycle a fair few years ago, I had other issues going on back then, of course – they have pretty much been faced and dealt with. The Bipolar bugger hasn’t gone away but dealing with the other issues has helped – touch wood.


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