Form: Free Verse

Is the way we are nature or nurture?
Are we born with our quirks and identity?
Do we learn to be all that we are?
It’s an argument that will rage for infinity
A combination of things makes you and me
Genetics, experience, reaction, success, a mistake
We grow and change with each passing moment
Never perfect, the future is ours to make


5 thoughts on “Nurture

  1. So true. I wonder about these things a lot, maybe to an unhealthy degree. What makes our identity? It will indeed last forever how we perceive and interpret this question. There are factors, of course, but you can’t pin point one specific thing that will make you say, “That’s what happened right here that made me… me.” I don’t think that is humanely possible.

    Beautifully said and true, Raven. I always enjoy your work!

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    1. Thank you, Lucy

      Identity isn’t static, we evolve as we experience and learn who we are. I think we all have key life-changing events but that is not all there is to self.

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