#Writephoto – Nature and the Artist

Thank you KL for an absolutely stunning prompt this week. Certainly, the photograph appealed to the artist and the poet, unfortunately, I can’t paint clouds for toffee so a poem it is
The prompt can be found here


Nature and the Artist
Form: Free Verse

Drifting softly
drifting slowly
this wanderer beneath the sanguine sun
his outspread plumes tickle the senses
delighting the skies of imagination
and the brushstrokes flutter lightly
across stiffened canvas
delicate touches creating a new scene
with intricate scratches
scraped in azure wash
and the wanderer keeps gliding by
his moment of beauty
is caught forever
in the glimpse of perfect timing
the glance of the right place
captured like a photograph
in the artist’s eye
Feather Cloud – Image by A Kehas


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