Just a Bloke

A Garret Poet

Form: Pentastich

He lives across the road
In a house adorned with flowers
An ordinary chap
Just a bloke
I think I’ll call him Dave.

I don’t know what he does all day
Or even where he goes
From a suburban balcony
He seems the friendly sort
He’s okay is Dave!


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7 thoughts on “Just a Bloke

  1. Nice guy Dave
    He knows how to behave
    Always answers with a friendly wave.
    Home by seven for peace he’ll crave.
    Washing dry, garden tidy he’s no knave.
    In bed by 11pm not out on a rave.
    To conformity he’s a slave
    Good old Dave
    He knows how to behave.

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    1. Good old Dave does what he can
      Bet he lived by the rules in the lockdown plan
      Doing the shopping for that old dear Fran
      Picking it up in his tatty whiite van
      Doing his bit to be part of the plan
      Then cooking his dinner in a frying pan
      come to think of it his name may have been Stan

      In all seriousness I just do not know
      He lived opposite a long time ago
      He looked like a Dave, and went with flow
      He just seemed the type – what if his name was Joe?


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