Sicilian Sestet Notes

It’s origins similar to that of the Italian Sestet, the Sicilian Sestet has no set meter, again formalized by the English courts to iambic tetrameter or pentameter. The rhyme scheme of the stanza is as follows:

abcbab defede and so on


This Poetry by Jez Farmer

This writing needs the will of self-control,
Against the call of doing other things,
Ignoring pokes and strange Facebook polls,
The fun and games must wait while poet sings
The lines of pain that love in rhyme consoles
Until a thought breaks as the phone now rings.

Rekindled pen begins to ebb and flow,
A gentle touch of grammar held in verse,
And inky words trail where they want to go
Compelling thoughts to bribe and then coerce
The random lines into the form they know,
Ah! Is poetry fun or cunning curse?

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