Luc Bat Notes

Many poets enjoy working in trimeter or six syllable lines and tetrameter or eight syllable lines as opposed to pentameter or ten syllable lines. The Luc Bat employs both six-syllable and eight-syllable lines and can be used in the creation of lyrical poems or storytelling. A Vietnamese form, the Luc Bat (six eight), is comprised alternating lines of six and eight syllables, odd numbered lines being six syllables and even numbered lines eight. The thyme scheme is created by the last word of the odd lines rhyming with the sixth syllable of the even lines and the eight syllable of the even lines rhyming with the last syllable of the next odd line. The final even line links back to the first line of poem or stanza.

This gives a format shown below, however the number of lines to a poem or stanza is the poet’s choice



Butterflies Dance by Etain Druantia

Butterflies dance, knees quake,
restless, disturbed, awake, I wait,
for Life has shown my Fate
and so to future mate I fly,
not once to question why.
Mom sighed when I said bye to her,
but knows our love is pure;
yes, my heart is quite sure of him-
this is no foolish whim.
Green eyes meet blue, both brim with love,
one lifetime not enough
True love stands out above the rest-
we passed this trying test…
Now two as one our nest we make

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