Dangerous Speeds

Form: Free Rhyme

Speeding down life's highway, pedal to the floor
Events blur in fusion, no time for more
Days melt into years right before your eyes
So much haste, no time for goodbyes
Slow down! Disaster lies ahead
Apply the brakes or you will wake up dead
Less haste now will not mean lack of bottle
The Reaper's travelling at full throttle
Stop rushing, take time to enjoy some love
'Tis better than being crushed in death's glove


4 thoughts on “Dangerous Speeds

    1. Thank you, this particular raven is Raven Moon by Carol Calvaris, a beauty he is too. One of the few ravens i have name of the artist for. Most of the raven iconography I use has been sent to me by people who know my affinity with the bird

      love and light

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