Frère Jacques by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Frère Jacques
Nursery Rhyme

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Born: 25 September 1683, Dijon, France
Nationality: French
Died: 12 September 1764, Paris, France

Rameau was an important composer and music theorist of 18th century French music. He succeeded Jean-Baptiste Lully as the dominant composer of French opera and is considered a leading composer of his time for the harpsichord

2 thoughts on “Frère Jacques by Jean-Philippe Rameau

  1. When I was a very small child, my mother taught us this song … in French. When I went to kindergarten, we learned it in English. It never sounded right in English. I refused to sing it in English. It just wasn’t right. Of course I got in trouble for that. I was only 5. LOL

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    1. I know the lyrics in English, they just don’t work, but then English is not a romantic language like French, Italian, Spanish, Irish or Welsh. which all have a musical quality without even trying

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