Poet Lost in Daydreams

Poet Lost in Daydreams
Form: Epistle

Hello darling,

Another week
another epistolary
sharing words of love
and intimate imaginings
maybe that should be or
as intimacy and love are different
different but connected
the fuel of desire being love
and the fuel of passion being desire
hmmm maybe it is and
so looking out the window at the rain
it’s raining again
but rainy days are for losing
in thought and imaginings
of daydreaming the moments
of desire
of secrets hidden beneath fabric
revealed in nights heavy and sanguine
with lust
and the romance of seduction
sweetened by wine
and intense dangerous kisses
naked in their intent
as they subtract the night from the day
and the day lies scattered
discarded and crumpled on the floor
as the passion of night
comes alive on our bed

All ways, always
Your Crazy-assed Poet xxx


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