By Sword and Candle

By Sword and Candle
Form: Free Verse

The olden day traditions told truth
to be condemned by the apostolic lies
while burning in flames
and they thought we’d just forget.
Forget the souls tortured to die
for knowing too well the old way
for seeing beyond the words of men
to where nature dwells.
Yet on that dark October night
we remember them all
every single one
for they dance among the candles of light
as we chant and sing
the veil opens and we become
one on All Souls Night
And while they count their beads
in candle light
my loves
my eyes see the sword
blackened by fire and time
I remember the evil done to you
and the ancient promise
if flame dies before they are done
then the tradition is said
before the year they will be dead

Notes: Taken from a combination of Celtic traditional stories when times were really not that pleasant historically. The black sword was seen as a portent of a vengeful death and the first candle dying out was symbolic of the owner’s death within a year and a day


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