#Writephoto – The Reluctant Laptop

Thank you KL for a great prompt, and a wonderful trip back to when my lads were whippersnappers – ok a nightmare at the time

The prompt can be found here https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/08/19/writephoto-office/

Now that is a right blast from the past prompt. Straight back to my early writing days while studying for a degree and bringing up my lads with one computer and a very reluctant laptop. Don’t know how, but my lads managed to get to adulthood, I got my PhD and now call myself a writer and journalist – the reluctant laptop, however, died somewhere along the way

The Reluctant Laptop
Form: Free Verse

Working from home
coursework piling up on me
and he’s home from school
one computer
juggling time
struggling tp sort it all out
a rota of sorts
but is he doing his maths
or is that one of my games
once again hoodwinked
by I’m doing school
my desk covered in crayon
while I balance my coffee and books
in one hand
laptop in another
now he wants lunch
deep breath poet
he’s grown up and got his own tech
but still his trash piles up on my desk
but he does make his own lunch
The Office — Image by KL Caley


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