Fibbing Friday – A Day in the Life

Well, it started out as dull, overcast Friday morning until I found this wee gem of a prompt/

I’m a 60s babe so this had to be done

A Day in the Life


It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a sloth ever since. The former Scouse Scarab, fondly called Sir Macca, has been telling me of his early days on the ‘A Factor’, the mostly unheard of precursor to the ‘X Factor’. This afternoon I will be taking tea with that deaf, dumb and blind kid who has become infamous for his mean poker playing as well as becoming the new frontman for the iconic 60s band the whatsthenames – ooh its on the tip of my tongue like. He will be accompanied by his manager, a drag queen from the darkest depths of Tahiti. Meanwhile, I am currently dealing with a breakfast dilemma as I can’t get no Marmite and I am forced to listen to Jagger advertising Old Spice on the radio in between the news and stuff. L’Oreal have just announced that Keith Richards is the new face of their anti-aging products and can be seen skipping about the Montana coast line waving a tattered Saltire shouting ‘The Winter of Chastity is upon us.’

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