Promiscuity with the Marquis

Promiscuity with the Marquis
Form: Epistle

My innocent one

Okay maybe naïve would be a better word
but innocent is so much more deviant
when my wicked mind is at play
perhaps reading the Marquis before sleeping
well, it wasn’t going to end in pure dreams was it?
De Sade, now there was one perverted bugger
yet he feeds my imaginations
of the power within a sexual encounter
and sexual power that lingers beneath desire
the desire waiting
simmering in the heat of the moment
for the surrender between love and lust
and the intense power takes control
exploiting the unyielding sinews
of aching passion
restrained in the desire

Yeah, I shouldn’t read the Marquis before bed, should I?

All ways, always
Your wicked-minded-poet xxx


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