The Avenue at Middelharnis

The Avenue at Middelharnis
Form: Muzdawwidj

The flirtatious flight of the breeze
Dancing daringly with trees
His every stride taken with ease
Fair and fanciful the morning sun
Warming as the first flush of fun
As his mind ponders what needs to be done
The last of the dawn chorus winging the skies
A cheerful note as he walks the rise
And for a moment he wishes to reach those highs
But from his path he will not stray
The man knows where he is going today
And nature is charming along the way
With open skies above his head
He walks gently towards the horizon spread
The Earth is his mother, so softly he’ll tread
A man and his best friend by his side
Beneath the azure heavens no place to hide
Yet his secrets he can safely confide
The Avenue at Middelharnis by Meindert Hobbema, 1689. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London, UK


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