The Deadly Pudding

The Deadly Pudding
Form: Free Verse

An uncrowded bistro in Montmartre
soft music
and the rapture of French cuisine
tormenting the senses with romantic sounds
and long forgotten aromas
reawakening those Parisian days with you
of days sketching cathedrals
and finding this place
so traditionally French
that it tested my understanding
but we got by
absorbing ourselves in the food culture
tonight I have the melt in the mouth pot roast beef
you loved so much
and a fruity red wine
and I glance as the dessert trolley rolls by
even that looks the same
it still has a wonky wheel
it rocks past again and I see it
a magnificent bouffant of lemon and cream
my plans to skip dessert fly
out of the window and my mind
as I remember the sharp sweetness
and I order it one more time
and darling, it is still a pudding to die for


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