The Assumption of the Virgin by Titian

The Assumption of the Virgin by Titian

The Assumption of the Virgin
Renaissance, Mannerism
Oil on board
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice, Italy

On a cloud surrounded by putti, Mary forms the focal point of the composition of this depiction of the ascension of the Virgin into heaven. Her eyes gaze upward to the god at the top of the picture and at the bottom as the miracle unfolds the apostles raise their arms towards her. The work is divided into three bands connected by outstretched hands as well as the repletion of gestures and looks. The red robes of the Virgin and two of the apostles create a visual pyramid leading the viewer’s eyes upwards.

Renaissance, Mannerism
Born 1490, Pieve di Cadore, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Died: 27 August 1576, Venice, Italy

Titian was a painter and regarded as one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance, combining Mannerist and High Renaissance ideas to develop a style that is remarkable ahead of his time. His creativity dominated Venetian art and the city rivalled the artistic centres of Rome and Florence

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