The Love of Pan

The Love of Pan
Form: Free Verse
Theme: LGBT+
Subject:: Conversation

I watch you watching me
as if we are divided by the universe
and all the stars and worlds within
and your eyes continue to stare
like I am some kind of experiment
while your pens seek to tick boxes and labels
to categorise my existence
into your view of normality
and you mutter some derogatory comment
on how you are so gay accepting
and I stare back
well good for you
as you still discount my love
my sexuality as nothing
because I feel nothing for the superficial bigotry
of gender and all its meaningless bile
and I yearn for personality
an intelligent conversation into the night
to carry my heart to the stars
enchanting my soul to dance to the music of love
let me state it clearly – again
I don’t want your body or genitals
I want your beautiful mind


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