Maria Bicknell by John Constable

Maria Bicknell by John Constable, 1816. Oil on canvas. Tate, London, UK

Maria Bicknell
Oil on canvas
Tate Britain, London, UK

Painted three months before their marriage, Constable kept this portrait of his fiancée with him. It is said to be a remarkable likeness of Maria and the fine detail to Maria’s face contrasts with the loose brushwork of the background and her clothing. Constable created over 100 portraits in his career and is renowned for his refreshingly honest depictions giving the paintings a sense of character and personality. In this portrait of Maria there is a particular sensitivity and warmth reflecting his relationship with the sitter.

John Constable by Ramsay Richard Reinagle, 1799. Oil on canvas. The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

John Constable
Romanticism, The Sublime in Art, Landscape Painters, British Art
Born: 11 June 1776, Suffolk, England
Nationality: English
Died: 31 March 1837, London, England

Constable, along with JMW Turner, revolutionized landscape painting of the 19th century. His paintings had a profound and far-reaching effect on European art. Moving away from the idealized landscapes, Constable favoured realistic depictions of the natural world through close observation

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