Love Concealed in the Rat Race

Love Concealed in the Rat Race
Form: Hidden Poem

As the last beams of the moon kiss the night
Stars towards the morning sky drift
Dancing memories tickle at the feet
Lips murmur softly at dawn's caress
Without thought or loving remark
Shared moments lost in the daily rush
Lover's sip coffee then with a parting kiss
Pleasure forsaken employment remains
Meeting schedules overcrowding the senses
Passions forgotten as work life adds to the strain
Lusting for love now a fading illusion
Desires of closing another deal intensify
Touching keyboards with deadened minds
Treasured fantasies become lost dreams
Hunger for glory and power can be replete
Love dissolves with industries action

Hidden Poem

As night
Stars drift
Dancing feet
Lips caress
Without remark
Shared rush
Lover's kiss
Pleasure remains
Meeting senses
Passions strain
Lusting illusion
Desires intensify
Touching minds
Treasured dreams
Hunger replete
Love action


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