Another Night Another Tear

Another Night Another Tear
Form: Free Verse

Alone in the darkness
thoughts running wild
vivid and vibrant
as they antagonise the nerves with doubt
belittling my soul with fear
like leeches sucking on blood
yet my senses are numb
exhausted and wasted
from fighting within what is wrong
what is right
what is truth
what is a lie
and you say ‘I love you’
but how can you love me when you don’t know me
the me hidden in denial
the me you never see
the me that don’t fit your ideology
and don’t belong in your expectations
how can you love me
when I can’t love myself
and I can’t be myself
you wonder why I cry so much
so now I cry alone the dark shadows
the shadows where my tears can weep
in the shadows where I can embrace me
in the shadows of non-existence
here I can love me
rebuild me
so you can love me too


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