#Writephoto – Hush-Hush

Thank you Kl and thank you to your guest photographer, Geoff Le Pard for providing a prompt that hit my desk at just the right time. The original prompt can be found here https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/09/30/writephoto-emerging/
And bit of Mike Oldfield as well as I was listening to it while writing – appropriately named or what.

Form: Free Verse
Theme: Growing older
Object: A theft

Emerging – Image by Geoff Le Pard
Secrets are fun when you are a kid
keeping it close
and you’re the only one to know
as day by day it becomes your own
and then it begins to cast shadows
from behind the walls of deceit
reminding you it is there
just in case you dared to forget
promises not to tell made when you were six
suddenly showing themselves
now you are fifty-eight
and perhaps a secret wasn’t so great
as it smiles climbing out
the daring eyes of a mischievous sprite
but would any one care
if the beans got spilled
as who stole cake one Friday night
so long ago
so be damned and let the truth come out


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