Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

I’m always intrigued by tombs. Just human curiosity, nothing grizzly. Although, I also love a good ghost story and actually there is one to go with this site, but I’ll tell you more about that in the write-up.

I can’t wait to read your entries with this one, I think it could prove an interesting one!

The Tomb
The Tomb – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a table tomb. Whilst a lot of the stonework is eroded, it is obvious this was quite an ornate tomb in its time.

The regulars already know this bit, but for those that don’t:

  • EachThursdayatNoon GMTI will post the #writephoto prompt
  • Use the image and prompt as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, as…

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