#Writephoto – Witterings of Sir Jeff

Uhoh, I feel a disturbance yn the realms of chivalry. KL I thynk ye may have awoken Sir Jeff from his slumber. Thank ye , fair lady KL, for an excellent prompt that other scribes may fynd here https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/10/07/writephoto-tomb/

and I hope the ynk floweth freely from their pens

The Tomb – Image by KL Caley

Witterings of Sir Jeff
Form: Free Verse

Who was it who woketh me
at my rest, disturbed yn the long nyght
I wander
I wander forgotten
with restless eyes readyng the eald words
that remayn amid the ruyns of sanctuary
and I wonders
what happened to this world
as I sitteth on the side of my restyng place
faded and worn
I mutters of the strange thyngs I hath seen
yn my cherlish tongue
of speedyng wagons with no horses
and what of the maidens
dressed yn trousers liketh worn by men
and their undergarments on display
oh, my love, my Arabella,
howe dismayed youre heart wolde be
oh my heart, howe we once danced
as youre silk dresses floated yn swirls
with gentil sound of a summer's breeze
and I wonder howe we wolde slepen
with the glowyng yelow lights
without the power of god
for god makes not the buzzyng sound
it must be then
that god is dead
for no more are the hymns of the lord sungeth here
and this world hath no place for holy presence
this world hath no place for me
without ye my Arabella
howe can I goon on alone yn confusion
alas my words speak as olde as these ruyns
perhaps I should return to my rest
and yn the heaven I will dance with ye


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