Woman with a Mandolin by Henri Laurens

Woman with a Mandolin by Henri Laurens

Woman with a Mandolin
Unglazed cast earthenware
Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, USA

A woman with a mandolin was a common theme and subject among the Cubist painters and sculptors. Laurens used a combination of sharp and curved planar units, blurring the boundaries between the female and the instrument. Laurens rendered the woman as almost a fluid and organic outgrowth of the earthenware material he used with the barest suggestion of figure elements such as eyes, hair, head and arms. However, the woman appears to emerge from the within the material naturally despite the compositional fragmentation.

Henri Laurens

Henri Laurens
Cubism, Interwar Classicism
Born: 18 February 1885, Paris, France
Nationality: French
Died: 5 May 1954, Paris, France

Laurens was a sculptor and illustrator. Mostly associated with pre-war Cubism he indulged in a wide range of artistic practices. After the war he saw the Cubist movement as too dogmatic and his work acceded to the formal and thematic influences of Classical sculpture

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