Uttered Vibrations

Uttered Vibrations
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Magic
Subject: An old man

Today I wandered deeper inside
with trees reaching closer
the forest held me
pulling me onward
until we reached a clearing
in the centre stood the oldest
widest tree I’d ever seen
and I sat at the edge of the clearing
my instincts vibrating
with messages arcane and wise
and as I looked at the tree
my eyes could see it glowing
the magic flowing free
the tree like and island of power
on an enchanted lake of flowing magic
and then I saw him
in flowing robes – a wizard , perhaps
a king, maybe
or just an old man
gliding across the clearing towards the tree
then as he stood at bottom of the tree
he spoke
uttering words I could not understand
and in a cackle and a sparkle
the tree yield an old stool
for the man to sit
and he sat as if in deep conversation
they two
tree and man
sharing ancient secrets
their words I could not understand
yet I listened intently
absorbing the cadence if it could charm
then I felt their eyes
staring at me
and a gentle ripple of magic came over me
closing my eyes in its wonder
and when I awoke at the far edge of the forest
I felt the silence
yet remembered everything
now each day I wander the forest
trying to find my way home


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