Tête de boxeur by Henri Laurens

Tête de boxeur by Henri Laurens

Tête de boxeur
Painted Terracotta
Tate, London, UK

Initially emerging from a low-relief black plane ‘Tête de Boxeur’ passes through three more painted surfaces of yellow, pink and white. The influence of collage can be detected in Lauren’s play with texture. More than a simple experiment with the representation of depth through various levels of relief, the artist created horizontal bands of ridges to depict the recessed black plane, replicating the Cubist interplay of collage through the medium of terracotta

Henri Laurens

Henri Laurens
Cubism, Interwar Classicism
Born: 18 February 1885, Paris, France
Nationality French
Died: 5 May 1954, Paris, France

Laurens was a sculptor and illustrator. Mostly associated with pre-war Cubism he indulged in a wide range of artistic practices. After the war he saw the Cubist movement as too dogmatic and his work acceded to the formal and thematic influences of Classical sculpture

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