#WritePhoto – Ivy and the Oak

This week’s prompt from KL can be found here,

And immediately I am sent back to my misspent youth and The Lambrettas, not sure what I can do with that, but here goes, and I will put a possible adult content warning here before I start

Ivy and the Oak
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Dark Love
Text: Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley
she’s under my skin
as her tendrils suck into me
my lady of shadows
growing all over me
grasping my flesh
like ivy on an oak tree
she’s back
inside my head
and I cannot escape her
my lady of the night
she stole my heart
to laugh at my pain
she stole my body
and I’m captive within
the itching
and scratching
that never ends


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