One Tree, Four Seasons

One Tree, Four Seasons
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Nature
Subject: A tree

I. Spring
First tender embrace brings warmth;
vernal caresses that brought souls from death;
undeveloped fountains of fertility
attire my unkempt, naked limbs;
sweet hearted blossoms,
subtle; delicate; light;
once more, I feel life.
II. Summer
Initial enticing touches turn in heated lust;
in you growth and fulfilment flourish,
nectar brings emergence of procreation;
petals fall, fruits of love grow;
dark, heavy, branches giving shade,
hunger; thirst; dreams;
entwined long hazy days.
III. Autumn
Cooling breezes coat vibrant hues;
yielding mature and mellow seed,
garlands red and gold shimmer
rays fading to night;
warm embrace releasing me;
falling tears scattered on ground
chills beckon with sleep.
IV. Winter
Bare naked alone wild limbs dance,
frosted gales the rhythm;
bleak white blankets cover land,
boughs heavy lay broken;
yet dancing hopeful to feel one touch,
brief non-existent carom;
waiting for your return.
Love and passion over four seasons
Between tree of spirit and Sun king.


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