Mathlish Sonnet Notes

Structure: Triplet, couplet, triplet, couplet and a quatrain
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme scheme: aaa bb ccc dd abab


I Know You Are There by Jez Farmer

The calm before the storm, I feel the fear
That presence drawing closer, drawing near
With silent footsteps that I cannot see
I feel its icy breath move against me
Alone in darkness where I once ran free
I dare not speak, perhaps, no words to say
But within my thoughts I silently pray
If indeed for me the time has now come
Then make it quick, hold me tight, take me home
For I am ready, and my soul is numb
Yes hold me close and be my spirit guide
I don’t see a demon, I see a friend
The darkest of angels walks by my side
For death is the beginning not the end

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