Apple Harvest by Paul Sérusier

Apple Harvest by Paul Sérusier

Apple Harvest
Oil on canvas
Private Collection

‘Apple Harvest’ is a tripartite depiction of the progression of life. By using three panels, Sérusier has explicitly referred to the traditional structure of a triptych. Three different aspects of rural female life are represented; a woman nursing her child, women gathering apples, and women bringing food home for their families. To Sérusier these women are unwavering in their devotion to their daily tasks over centuries. The painting is as much a symbolization of the women’s physical manifestation of religious devotion as it is to the representation of their daily lives.

Paul Sérusier

Paul Sérusier
Post-Impressionism, Les Nabis, Symbolism
Born: 9 November 1864, Paris, France
Nationality: French
Died: 7 October 1927, Morlaix, France

Sérusier studied at the Académie Julian instead of the elite and conservative École des Beaux-Arts. Sérusier was a pioneer of Post-Impressionism and founded Les Nabis, named after the Hebrew word for ‘prophet.’ He sought to paint what he felt as well as what he saw, seeking unity between decorative and fine art. Many of his paintings were intended to fit in with their surroundings, to be aesthetically pleasesing as they were intellectual. Sérusier work ushered in an era in artistic innovation that pushed painting away from representation to the focus of sensation and evocation

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