Persepolis Sonnet Notes

Created by: Leny Roovers
Structure: Octave and sestet
Meter: Octave 11 syllable lines, Sestet decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme Scheme: aabbccdd efgefg


Taking Chances by Jez Farmer

A doorway to where, a mystery to go
A ready-made adventure and who’s to know
What lies just beyond this, an unopened door
I don’t know as I haven’t been there before
Yet anticipation tingles on my tongue
And I am ready to see that old door flung
Open to a new tomorrow that could be
Perhaps first just a crack to look out and see
But as my hand touches the handle there
A sudden chill shudders beneath my skin
Instead of boldness I feel cold hard fear
And I question if I should even dare
To look, to peek and see what lies within
Or should I simply stay where I am here?

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