Alternating Quatrain Notes

An Alternating Quatrain is a four-lined stanza with alternating rhyme. There are no other pre-set parameters allowing the use of such devices as meter and line length at the poet’s discretion

Rhyme scheme: abab cdcd efef and so on


Safe in the Night by Jez Farmer

Around me the trees stand naked and bare
And the ravens are cawing from up high
Yet I want to be out in the trees there
As the winter clouds gather in the sky

And there I sit in silent thought
A tree trunk taking my back
No one to find me for I’m not sought
For this is my time as clouds turn black

What is love when it brings me no cheer
And what is money if it brings no joy
These are my thoughts dwelling out here
In the cold winter winds am I just a toy?

With the trees I am safe in the night
For they know nature’s love is pure
Than material things that bring others delight
In a world I don’t want anymore

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