Bow on String

Bow on String
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Quotation – The older the violin the sweeter the music

‘The older the violin the sweeter the music’….

… I’m not so sure about that. Sure it might be true for the fiddle
but does it relate to the human psyche
as age gathers are we sweetness personified
hell, no I am not unless demons are sugar-coated
sugar-coating the truth I don’t do
not even if it eases a kick in the butt
if you land on your ass I will pick you up
but no way will I stop you falling in the first place
you are free to make your own choices
and so what if I disagree
tis your ass, not mine
but I’ll pick you up
and won’t apologise for laughing as I do it
a demon has to have some fun, right?

All ways, always
Your crazy-assed poet xxx


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