Green Dress by Wayne Thiebaud

Green Dress by Wayne Thiebaud

Green Dress
1966- 2017
Oil on canvas
Collection of the artist

‘Green Dress’ is a portrait of the artist’s daughter, Twinka. Thiebaud began the painting in 1966 and completed it 51 years later in 2017. Using a repeating colour palette Thiebaud creates a harmonious composition in which the green of the dress is reflected in Twinka’s cheekbones and her hair is a similar colour to the paper she is holding.

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud
Pop Art, Photo Realism
Born: 15 November 1920, Mesa, Arizona, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 25 December 2021, California, USA

Thiebaud was a painter best known for his colourful paintings depicting common everyday objects as well as landscapes and figure paintings. Thiebaud is associated with the Pop Art movement due to his interest in objects of mass culture however many of his early pieces of the fifties and sixties predate the work of the classic Pop Art artists.

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