Flannel Shirt

A poem that really touches those feels

Chris Russell Poetry

I got this new flannel off Amazon yesterday

and I’m wearing it to work this morning.

It’s black and blue and really brings out the color

of my skin, I think.

My father and I used to love shopping

for plaid and flannel shirts at Goodwill,

and I’m pretty sure he’d try to guilt me

out of this one I’m wearing if he were still here.

Dad, I’m not sure what you want me to say.

You knew it was bound to happen eventually,

you had that heart condition and

the drinking wasn’t slowing down,

so, are you really surprised you died the way you did?

The way I heard it described was that

they found you in a flannel shirt and jeans

and your socks weren’t all the way on.

You must have looked like one of Santa’s little helpers

on your side in the fetal position,

reaching for…

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