Talking to the Trees – Rowan

Luis (L), the Rowan tree, is the second tree of the Ogham

Rowan Energy

Luis provides a protective energy that also helps to increase the psychic abilities and aids the energies set in motion by the birch tree.

Throughout history rowan twigs have been used to protect from and ward off evil, curses, bad luck and unhelpful influences. It has the potential to increase the ability to receive forewarnings of previously unknown outside influence which may be affecting our ability, Rowan strengths individual power so that the individual is able to withstand psychic attack, intentional or unintentional.

Connected to the Celtic sabbat of Imbolc the rowan is also associated with the deity Bridget who kindles the divine fires of inspiration and visionary abilities, and also represents the spirit reborn.

Talking to Luis

Using whatever ritual practice, intuitive means or simply being with the tree do so with an openness ready to receive the tree’s wisdom and healing vibrations. Ask for guidance and help from the tree to develop your powers of psychic intuition and insight that will lead to a quickening of personal and spiritual power and understanding.

When the time comes to end the communication do so slowly and with gratitude for what the tree may have given you. Keep a record of your feelings and communication with the tree, and let the relationship develop.

In love and light
Raven )O(

3 thoughts on “Talking to the Trees – Rowan

    1. I have no clue as to the reasons why they are in the order they are, when they come into bud might not be the logic, if there is any logic at all. The Celtic Zodia has the Birch as its first sign – of course, I know that as a Capricorn Birch baby. Zodiac and Ogham are quite different things though

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      1. Moi aussi Capricorn Birch baby – I have Xmas, B’day, New Year. Then nothing for the rest of the year.
        I once found a very neat correspondence between a layout of Tarot major cards and the tree alphabet. I used the form of a doorway, with capstone as Oak/Strength.
        Worked for me.


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