Form: Free Verse
Theme: Erotica

Where do your thoughts go
as you float into this moment
this beautiful little death
in that this moment
as your body holds your breath
does your mind choose where you go
as instincts become fundamental
between heavenly and natural
in this sinful act of pleasure
this beautiful moment of death
the enjoyment of all carnal treasure
yet I see the sweet agony
ravishing between anguish and desire
in the midst of bliss
culminating in the fury
found in the depths of the mind’s abyss
creating the weary senses
that feel so light yet heavy
without reasons or explanations
it’s a journey of desire
taking you there
guided only by the raw instinct
leading the mind away from the heat
of endless despair
a reality that isn’t real
as it feels like a flight into fantasy
and senses converge and merge
blending into a trembling delight
of needs yearning for wants
and rushing sensations close the eyes
racing to the intensity
as composure is lost to the ecstasy
collapsing inside self-imploding
in the letting go of self
as the spirit erodes back into the afterglow
where did your thoughts go to
when transcending into desire
and that beautiful little death


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