Form: Free Verse
Theme: Identity
Subject: Underwater

Drowning in the want of your desire
my body sinks beneath the waves
and my mind escapes to somewhere else
why can’t we just play cards?
No don’t mean I don’t love you
no means I love me too
yet it will go unheard in the grips
of what you want
that leaves me downgraded to nothing much
knowing I’m not what you need me to be
in the heat of the moment
a bracing walk would be so much nicer
than the intimacy of sex
that leaves me feeling sensually dead
my lets go out for dinner meets
your lets go to bed
so I gulp down a whiskey to lose my mind
and leave my soul undefined
no is not rejection
but yes is the rejection of me
and I won’t do that


Author’s Note: I wrote this before the sad announcement of Meat Loaf’s death last week. However, it does seem fitting to recognize the inspiration he gave and will continue to give this writer.

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