Hommage à Chrysler Corp. by Richard Hamilton

Hommage à Chrysler Corp. by Richard Hamilton

Hommage à Chrysler Corp.
Pop Art
Oil paint, metal foil, and digital print on wood
Tate Modern, London

A multi-media artist, Hamilton employed elegant lines in the composition of ‘Hommage à Chrysler Corp’, reminding the viewer that his journey into art was through drawing. At first glance, the piece looks abstract, but closer viewing reveals a large breasted woman with red lipstick leaning on the bonnet of a car. The woman and the car are woven together into a single form. Highlighting the fetishization of cars and women in the post-War economy ‘Hommage à Chrysler Corp’ is one of a series of works examining the visual language of the auto industry.

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton
Pop Art, British Pop Art, Photomontage
Born: 24 February 1922, London, England
Nationality: British
Died: 13 September 2011, London, England

Hamilton was a painter and collage artist. His 1955 exhibition Man, Machine and Motion are considered to be among the earliest works of Pop Art

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