I was a rich man’s plaything by Eduardo Paolozzi

I was a rich man’s plaything by Eduardo Paolozzi

I was a rich man’s plaything
Pop Art
Tate Modern, London, UK

Made by Paolozzi as part of a series entitled ‘Bunk’, ‘I was a rich man’s plaything’ consists of images from American magazines given to the artist by US soldiers in Paris. The piece includes an image of a voluptuous woman from the cover of a magazine ‘Intimate Confessions’, implying she reveals her hidden secrets within the magazine. Paolozzi included a cherry pie in a tongue-in-cheek wink to how food and women were treated in a similar fashion in the new visual language in Post-war American advertising.

Eduardo Paolozzi

Eduardo Paolozzi
British Pop Art, Pop Art, Art Brut, and Outsider Art
Born: 7 March 1924, Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
Died: 22 April 2005, London, UK

A prolific and inventive artist Paolozzi was best known for his marriage of Surrealism’s early principles with brave new elements of popular culture, modern machinery, and technology. Raised in the shadows of World War II in a family deeply affected by the divisive nature of a country involved in conflict he developed a lifelong exploration into the ways humans are influenced by external and uncontrollable forces which formed a vast and various body of work vacillated between the darker and lighter consequences of society’s advancements and its so-called progress

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