Making Messy Art

Wonderful thinking, and great art too


Many times I’ve said that creativity is “making a mess” — but that’s only part of it. The rest of it is “cleaning it up”. For me, that’s the truest definition I’ve ever heard about the creative process.

I’ve always been good at making messes. Having been a clumsy, awkward, uncoordinated child, messes naturally accompanied me wherever I went. The worst messes where those I made whenever I attempted anything “artsy” or “craftsy”.  And I’m not talking here just about the mess I made of art supplies. Yes, I was always dropping and breaking crayons, spilling pots of water, and getting paint all over me, my desk, and anything else in close proximity — and for what it’s worth, I still get paint all over me and my easel. But my messes went beyond my workspace. Whatever project I was working on was sure to be a disastrous mess as…

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