#writephoto – White Blossom

Inspired and written to #writephoto prompt – thank you KL

Open – Image by KL Caley

With a little kick from Bon Jovi, my lady came dancing through my mind. I love it when that happens, remembering Gab doesn’t make me feel sad as much as I love and miss her – she made me complete and still does. So a sonnet of a beautiful day in May – and Bon Jovi for my Gab

White Blossom
Form: German Sonnet
Theme: Love

Beneath the white where we danced on that night
Inhaling the scent of our wedding day
With the taste of mead on our lips to stay
On that day, and every day you’re my light
A garland of roses entwined too tight
In your hair; not one strand allowed to stray
I knew the reasons why but didn’t say
Simply whispering ‘babe, are you alright?’
On that day, now so many years ago
I’m on my own to never let you go
As still you are the one to make me sing
My oath of love never to be undone
Our souls entwined forevermore as one
So bound by ribbons and a wedding ring


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