Green-Eyed Baby

Green-Eyed Baby
Form: Ballade Supreme
Theme: Wellness
Subject: Jealousy

There’s no love that will ever possess me
For love has no conditions to be true
When being in love is to set it free
You don’t belong to me nor I to you
Yet this beauty of love is known by few
As they demand I change to just fit in
With their want; to leave behind my own skin
And if I don’t it’s all those screams and cries
As the if-you-love-me games then begin
The devil makes mischief in jealous eyes
‘If you love me you won’t yearn to live free
To dance in the wild ways that spirits do
You would change who you are if you loved me’
But if you love me in ways I love you
Why make me change to a life so untrue
To an emptiness of just fitting in
I am not the prey hunted at your chagrin
I’ll be who I am and wear no disguise
If that is wrong then it is my own sin
The devil makes mischief in jealous eyes
‘If you love… be who I want you to be’
You fell in love me what is wrong with you
I’m still the same and who I’ll always be
For love means be free do the things you do
‘Cos my heart fell in love with you as you
Not an ideal or a battle to win
I say do what you want let your soul win
For love is open and its truth is wise
But you don’t hear it and that is your sin
The devil makes mischief in jealous eyes
No, my soul will not die within me
And I was wrong to let my heart love you
The not good enough to love set me free
As from a distance my love remains true
Your envy poison between me and you
Escaping the pain of all that has been
Escaping the pain so that we both win
And still my soul dances beneath blue skies
While I am saddened now that it has seen
The devil makes mischief in jealous eyes


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