Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Wind Back the Clock

Inspired by and written for the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge

Thank you, GC. My initial thinking – ouch this one will be a challenge. I never know quite how old something is to be considered Retro – so I Googled it and landed on this

imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.
“retro 60s fashions”

I was born in the 60’s – so I must be Retro then. Ok ‘ere goes

Wind Back the Clock
Form: Free Verse

Too old to be modern when
crafted in the era of free love
and flower-powered hippies
dancing to the ’60s beat
but it’s where I’d like to go
with Bakelite door handles
and a crystal set playing The Beatles
I’d feel so fine,
away from the crazy nights
of crystal meths and feeling blue
because some jerk on social media
didn’t click ‘like’
hell, I want to go back,
be retro as I don’t fit in here
maybe the ‘80s and the electro beat
or glam rock stomping the’70s way
that would do
so screw the 21st century and all its mod cons
I’m all set to travel back in time
wind back the clock
and go retro


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