Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Running Out of Juice

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

With Metallica acting as my wake-up on my DAB alarm this morning – I love heavy rock, especially Metallica so not complaining. A write about alarms, well, I know what alarm drives me batshit crazy so here goes-

Running Out of Juice
Form: Triple Bina

Wake-up alarm time to do
Thoughts still lost in a dream
Sipping tea pausing a dream
Getting dressed ready to do
Bright yellow says let’s do this, work is not a dream
Outside a car breaks the silence
But it’s outside leave it alone
The phone rings I’m not alone
And I wonder what happened to silence
Empty streets of silence working home alone
Then I hear it piercing my mind
My soul cries and my heart feels flat
Incessant echo from inside my flat
Where is it now haunting my mind
The worst sound in my mind, somewhere a battery going flat


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