#Writephote – Cup of Tea

Inspired by and written for Writephoto – thank you KL

Kip and Gai are taking a break this week and I feel a girl called Alice looking through a looking glass coming into my mind, one of my fave’s from childhood – that explains a lot I guess. Mushrooms and rabbits, caterpillars and cats – here goes

Mushrooms – Image by KL Caley

Cup of Tea
Form: Free Verse

Last night
from the top of a mushroom
a hookah smoking caterpillar looked me in the eye
between the spirals of hazy blue
and he said
‘who the devil are you?’
and I replied
‘if the devil don’t know, how can I?’
and that caterpillar took a long toke
before saying
‘on your way and watch out for the dormouse’
So I left dancing
through the mushroom field
picking one here
and one there
for breakfast on toast
and as I reached a gate
a cat grinned at me
with an not so innocent eye
and said
‘clear off, stay away from my stash’
A talking cat who thought of that
and so I went another way
through the woods of purple trees
with amber leaves
and a rabbit like snow
dashed across my path
then stopped looking at me
‘hurry up, I’m late, don’t you know?’
And I said
‘no, I didn’t know, but you best get a move on, mister’
So he left as fast has he had come
and I meandered
along the winding path
to a table set for tea
and I’ve not had my breakfast yet
‘sit down and have a cup’
the dormouse said
so I sat and drank the brew
forgetting what the caterpillar said
too late now
I’m out of my head


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