Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Flown

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

The word ‘middle’ certainly carries a lot of possibilities, and I’m not liking many of them as they seem to say settling for second best is a good thing – it isn’t! I’m well into middle-age now-whatever that means – but all that means is I am far more cynical, don’t trust easily, and so on. Oh well to the garden before it rains, coffee and pen in hand and here goes.

Form: English Quintain 1

Sat in the dawn of quiet contemplation
A moment of peace my escape
From being caught in the middle of the drama
And the sense of self in a drape
Of nothing sealed up in Sellotape
Sipping hot coffee
Inhaling on a cigarette
Question self in the dim light
As feelings close in like a net
When did love turn to regret
A promise is a promise
And there is no way out
Forced to choose what I don’t want
In the middle of so much doubt
Is that what love is about
In the middle of nowhere
No place with common ground
There’s nothing left to hold us tight
As I long for the cacophony of sound
Of morning birdsong with you not around
This life is screwy
and I’m heading for that emotional fall
With no beauty worth loving for
I want to run but can’t even crawl
Trapped in the middle of it all
My happiness is to escape
To quiet moments alone
But I know I’m worth more than that
Now you put down your phone
Too late, honey, this bird has flown


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