Prince Amongst the Gods

Prince Amongst the Gods
Form: Spenserian Sonnet

In darkness fear surrounds a lonely soul
And all's lost where no light can penetrate
Insincere whispers can never make whole
A broken heart that’s closed to love's estate.
And yet a man must bide his time and wait
For time to close upon this moonless night
A prince will stand before the holy gate
His weapon love, a bow of arcane light.
A prince, a god within a warrior's sight
The liege of honour in the ancient ways
A bond formed and forged with volcanic might
And a promise pledged in a silent gaze
As prince and knight unite in one embrace
For such is love in this ungodly place.
He came to lead a shattered heart from hell
A breath of air to ease the soul from pain
And look beyond the masquerading shell
That shields the heart that the past had left slain.
His tender kiss that turned the tears to rain
Then whispered softly on a yielding ear
With naught to lose and ev'rything to gain
As hope replaced the agony of fear.
Dark skies are fading to a vibrant sphere
As night surrenders to the rising sun
The solace within a love's kiss so dear
A union can never be undone
If one reminds the other to recall
Between a prince and knight true love is all


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