Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Greater Reward

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Sometimes we just come to the end of a road in life and that means we have to change direction to keep moving forward, onward to better things. That and this morning on DAB is Boys II Men – really, Classic Rock having a bad day, obviously but okay here goes…

Greater Reward
Form: Envelope Stanza
Theme: Love

Love cannot breathe in the stale air
The mind lost to a broken heart
It’s time to move on, time to depart
Let it all go, breathe in self-care
Nothing can be seen with blind eyes
Losing sight of the wonder of life
To toxic thoughts of pain and strife
That’s not living, that’s a demise
A screaming point at the road’s end
When love has gone beyond insane
Discarded sanity brings pain
There’s nothing left, nothing to mend
So let the tears cry, let them go
Change direction without the fear
Of self-destruction drawing near
Follow instincts and let them flow
Open the eyes to a new dawn
A fresh start from which to rebuild
New hopes and dreams to be fulfilled
From shades of darkness light reborn
Believe in self, stepping forward
As sadness blows out on a breeze
And remember life does not freeze
But moves to a greater reward


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