Cywydd Llosgyrnog Notes

Another Welsh form, the Cywydd Llosgyrnog is a syllabic-based form with internal rhymes. It is a 6-line stanza. Lines 1, 2, 4, and 5 are 8-syllables in length with 1 and 2 sharing an end rhyme and lines 4 and 5 sharing an end rhyme. Lines 3 and 6 have 7-syllable lines and end rhyme with each other, plus line 3 has an internal rhyme with lines 1 and 2 and similarly, line 6 has an internal rhyme with lines 4 and 5



Bendith y Mamau by Jez Farmer

She is speaking, our Great Mother
Not blessings or love to smother
Her other messages unheard
Now comes the suffering of Man
The goddess doing what she can
Now humans must hear her word

The time has come, many will die
Still too many are asking why
The lady’s cry heard too late
Perhaps now the foolish will hear
As the selfish drawback in fear
Mother dear, why did you wait?

So, listen now if you so care
The goddess still has love to share
Don’t you dare deny her now
The time has come to sacrifice
The self, now we all pay her price
This high price is what we owe

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